CNN’s Stephanie Busari Celebrates the Big 4 0 With Stunning Photos

CNN Africa Supervising Producer Stephanie Busari is 40 today and she is celebrating her joyous day with fabulous photos!

With her hair showcasing the beauty of African beauty, the celebrant strikes different poses as TY Bello do her magic on her strikingly beautiful melanin skin tone.

Read what TY Bello, the journalist’s photographer says about STEPHANIE BUSARI at 40


I remember my first year as a photographer.. ..endless days in @donbarberphotography ‘s darkroom. Uncle Don made me fall I love with black and white photography .. and the beautiful smell of that darkroom .. I’d resume as first thing in the morning and just stay in there .. terribly upset when night fell and it was time to go back home . Time always went by really fast .. I miss those days … I miss the solitude too . .. it was me .. and no one else .. in that red room..slow .. easy ..with the beautiful surprise when images gradually emerged ..rocking side to side in the tray . ..Each image was precious.. there were no view finders at the back of my camera.. it was indeed love at first sight .. chemistry .
My very first exhibitions were of black and white portraits.. I remember how humbling it was seeing my b+w portraits of the old woman with the smoke pipe enlarged and framed on a wall.. i could only afford to print on 8×10 paper .. so I had so much respect for them.
I’ve been making images now for almost 18 yrs .. iv been through so many phases ..learning to see .. exploring .. experimenting .. mostly looking for my own self. .. I love that I can say that I love where I am now .. I’ve been reborn .. back to the very beginning .. I’m in love again . Not with the chemicals or the solitude of a darkroom .. my work has become tremendously more communal… I’m in love with photography .. like a child .. I’m learning to see it all again.. in simpler ways .. that what makes a beautiful image is the sincerity of the experience .. and those tiny moments I make real heart -connections with my subjects .
I now know that if I allow myself visually translate what I experienced .. I can can gift us both .the magic of real beauty .. in pure form .
Thank you @stephbusari letting beIng such an amazing human to photograph.It was powerful was spiritual and we all felt it .May 40 bring for you what your images have brought to me .. purity .. peace ..power and clear visions for tomorrow .#tybellophotography #makeup by @ravishinmakeup #styled by @Janemichaelekanem #hair by @haircraft_ and @bernardsmiless


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